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PAC Med Biotech is a full service foreign-hosting company based in India. We develop strategic alliances with North American and European companies that wish to expand into the huge Indian market but do not currently have a base of operations there. The singular focus of PAC Med is to bring our client's products or services to a marketplace of over one billion people.

PAC Med Biotech is a unique company by virtue of its business model. We establish partnerships with foreign companies and serve as their operational arm or agent in India. This arrangement has several striking advantages for small- and medium-sized companies.

PAC Med Biotech has established collaborative relationships with a large network of Indian partners. Our services are tailor-made to the needs of each client and include coordinating any of the following on a full turnkey basis.

  • Coordinating sales and marketing activities
  • Setting up distribution channels in India
  • Market research
  • Clinical research trials and validation studies
  • Product registration, patent filing, trademark protection
  • Contract manufacturing for indigenous and global markets at FDA-approved facilities
  • Importing pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics products
  • Handling all regulatory and legal matters in India

An entry into the Indian market would represent a new and important strategic direction for most companies. However, such a move is accompanied by many challenges as well. The prospect of entering into a business relationship with a group that is half a world away can be quite daunting, due in part to differences in business culture, difficulties in undertaking due diligence, and the need to allocate sufficient corporate resources for interaction and negotiation. In many cases, companies based in the Western hemisphere often do not know where to begin, who to trust, and whether the investment in time and travel for their executives will even mature into a worthy contract.

PAC Med Biotech removes these concerns because we provide the interface and work on behalf of our clients to structure the business arrangement. Our Indian roots allow us to work effectively within the cultural and business framework that is unique to India. And yet, our North American presence allows us to interact with our Western clients in a direct and effective manner.

We evaluate each project based on the product or service offering and its likely appeal to the Indian marketplace. We execute our mandate in close cooperation with our client and ensure that a satisfactory conclusion is reached in a timely manner.

PAC Med Biotech will be happy to review new projects and provide an obligation-free assessment of the potential opportunities for Indian entry.


PAC Med Biotech has established a unique business model that provides a format for our clients to enter into India on their own terms. Foreign companies that market novel products, technologies, or services have a sizeable market in the Indian subcontinent.

PAC Med provides its clients with an opportunity to bring their products and technologies into India without having to establish their own presence. We establish a partnership with the foreign company to serve as their operational arm or agent. All key decisions are made in consultation with and approval from the parent company. We then execute our mandate in collaboration with our partners in India.

PAC Med maintains a modern office in Mumbai that is in close proximity to the airport. PAC Med hires employees to work either part- or full-time on behalf of its clients, handling all HR aspects including income tax payments. In short, the foreign client has a direct business presence in India through PAC Med’s personnel and infrastructure, without the onerous headaches involved in managing the business.